Mallory Massage

Massage- Body Wraps-CBD

Therapies & Pricing

Our massage therapies will help you with muscle recovery, stress and anxiety reduction, and overall wellness.

Standard massage

30min reflexology-$50

1 hour swedish massage -$90

1 hour deep tissue -$100

1 hour Structural And specialty massage -$125 

1 hour Travel/ home visits-$125

hot stone-$115



Premier massage

2 hour swedish -$180

2 hour deep tissue -$200

2 hour structural And specialty massage-$250

2 hour travel/ home visits-$250

2 hour hot stone -$230


Wraps and add ons can add to any session

Nourishing body wrap -$125

Mini hotstone -$25

Aromatherapy -$5

1 hour CBD massage-$150

2 hour CBD massage-$250

CBD body wrap-$125